Bettiah Temples | Famous Temples Of BTH – city of temples

Bettiah Temples | Famous Temples Of BTH - city of temples

Bettiah Temples: The main identity of Bettiah is from Pokhara and temples. A total of 56 important temples were built by the Maharajas of Bettiah Raj.

In almost all the temples, the idol of Lord Suryadev Maharaj has been installed along with Lord Mahadev, Shakti Swaroopa, Maa Parvati, and Maa Durga.

The grand statue of Surya Narayana installed in all the historical temples of the city proves that the Maharaja of Bettiah Raj was a worshiper of Shiva, Shakti, and Suryadev.

The Maharaja’s essentially dug Pokhara’s in front of all the Bettiah Temples. It is for this reason that many people consider the city of Bettiah to be a city of Temples and Pokhara’s.

Bettiah Temples – Famous Temples Of Bettiah City

You will find Bettiah Temples in every square intersection and every street in the city of Bettiah.

due to the large number, we are unable to mention each of the Bettiah Temples in this post.

so we can present you with the famous temples of Bettiah city. But let me tell you, in the future, you will get information about all temples of Bettiah in this post.

1. Maa Kali Mandir

A picnic like atmosphere prevails as people come in busloads to spend the day here. the neat and clean temple complex with the pond in the center truly looks beautiful.

the Maa Kali Bagh Mandir situated in Bettiah is one of the most magnificent and diversified temples of Bihar.

Maa Kali Mandir Bettiah

the temple complex has so many statues of different deities that a person has to spend a lot of time worshipping.

the Bettiah Temples is spread in ten acres, in which four acres are temple complex and six is the garden surrounding it. the temple has two divisions- Deva Paksha and Devi Paksha,

the deities of the former being worshipped by Tantrik methods. this temple was built around 400 years ago (around 1614 AD) by the royal family of Bettiah, Maharaj Harishchandra Singh.

The main deity of the temple is Goddess Kali but Mahakali is also a center of attraction for devotees.

the temple complex has a big open space in the middle surrounded by small temples of different deities. It is divided into five blocks of some small temples each.

Each block has the main deity, a separate priest called tahloo or sevaka, and an individual kitchen, where bhoga is prepared.

“Each of the five blocks has the main deity, a separate priest, and an individual kitchen.

the sanctum of Ma Kali is on an elevated platform where the statue of Chaturbhuji Maa Kali is placed on a dais facing south.

It is said that this dais was built above 108 narmundas (human skulls). On the left of Kali is the statue of Tara Mata and on the right is Mahakalbhairava.

Below the dais on left are the statues of Chhinnamastika and Tripurasundari and to the right is Mahalakshmi and Bhuvaneshwari.

Outside the sanctum are statues of Ganesha and Batuk Bhairav in the verandah.

Temples of Ma Kali, Nava Durga, Das Mahavidya, Ashta Bhairava, and Kal Bhairava constitute the first block where the main deity is Ma Kali. Says Biharilal Sahu,

patron of Ma Kali Sewa Vivaha Samiti, that Das Mahavidya temple has ten statues and Nava Durga has nine forms of Goddess Durga separately.

“The importance of Mahakali temple is that it has fifty-six arms and five faces.”

Chaturth Shashtha Yogini and Mahakali temple constitute the second block and have statues of 74 warriors, who fought with Goddess Durga.

Also, eight statues of Ashtamata (Adi Shakti) are there. the main deity of this block is Ugratara.

the importance of the Mahakali temple is that it has 56 arms and five faces while the Ma Kali statue at the main temple has four arms and one face.

the third block has temples of, Dashavtar that has 24 statues including Panch Ganga,

Garuda of Vishnu, Vinayak Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi, and the main deity Radha-Krishna. this temple also has an idol of Lord Mahamrityunjaya Mahadeva.

the fourth block has temples of Ekadashrudra, Dashodeerghapaal, Patitpawaneshwar Mahadeva, and Pashupatinaath Mahadeva.

the Ekadashrudra temple has 12 statues of Rudra. It has a unique Shivalinga about which there is a belief that it increases daily in size.

the Pashupatinath temple has a replica of the statue at Pashupatinath temple of Kathmandu. the main deity here is Haratmak Mahadeva.

Temples of Dwadash Kala Surya Narayana, nine graha (planets), nine Mahadasha, and Shyam Karthik Maharaj make up the fifth block.

Women are not allowed darshan of God Shyam Karthik. People offer bhoga of Rohu fish. Devotees sacrifice goats and offer coconut too.

2. Durga Bagh Mandir

It’s a historical temple & a temple of its kind which is well-known for the myths and mysterious history because of which, it been an attraction for many saints for acquiring supernatural power.

Durga Bagh Mandir Bettiah

It is one of the unique temples of the Indian union. This temple was built by Bettiah Maharaja Haredra Kishore who belonged to Jaitiya Bhumihar clan.

This temple is built on “Sriyantra Yojna” famous and the oldest book of civil engineering or mathematics ” Sulbh sutra”.

The main deity of this temple is KAL BHAIRAVI an incarnation of Maa Durga.

But this temple is commonly famous as Maa Durga Bagh Mandir. The statue is south facing so The Goddess is called Dakshina Murti.

the temple abundantly plenty of open areas and a beautiful tank/Pokhara.

3. Shiv Mandir (#Sagar Pokhara)

The historic Sagar Pokhara is a big name for the Shiva temple. Manokamna Mahadev is established here with Mata Parvati, Mata Durga, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartik,

Lord Vishnu Mata Lakshmi, Lord Batuk Bhairava, Lord Shri Ram, and Lakshman established here on the shoulders of Veer Hanuman.

Sagar Pokhara is oldest Pond of the town and was made byMaharani Janki Kunwar.

A scenic pond with a marvelous temple around it. It is the center of attraction of the annual Chhath Festival. It is also famous for boating around the pond.

Shiv Mandir (#Sagar Pokhara)

The huge Shivling in Vishal Argha is unique in this temple. while there is a separate statue of Shakti Rupa of Mata Parvati.

Mata Durga also sits in Mamatamayi’s compassionate form in the temple. In this way, there is a huge crowd of devotees throughout the year.

But in the Sawan and Shardiya Navratri, devotees throng here.

4. Sant Ghat Mandir

Sant Ghat is a historical place of Bettiah. It is famous for its natural view & temple at the bank of Chandrawati River.

Where the queen of Bettiah used to take bath in that river. It is also famous for its attraction to every Chhath Puja which is generally the famous festival of Bihar.

Sant Ghat Mandir

There is a beautiful temple on the banks of the river in the Sant Ghat area of ​​Bettiah. It is said that in 1826 AD, an elite person of the Vaishya (Goldar) society built this temple.

On the banks of the river, there is a ruin of a bathing house, where the Queen of Bettiah Raj used to come to bathe.

It is said that Sagar Pokhara Temple is about 2 km from here. M Hai was an inner grand tunnel. The Empress used to come to the temples by way of the tunnel.

The nearby temple has idols of Ramji, Sita Mata, and Laxman Ji. There is a small shrine of Shiva Ji next to it.

The place is very delightful, a large gathering of people is gathered here during Chhath.

5. Joda Shivlay Mandir

It is the oldest temple of Bettiah situated at the gateway of the Bettiah Raj Mahal. Because there are two temples of Lord Shiva in one campus.

Joda Shivlay Mandir

so, it is called Joda ( Means: two) Shivalaya. Durga puja of this temple is very famous & glorious which is celebrated in the month of October (By Hindu Calender).

Let me tell you again, in this post only the temples coming within the city of Bettiah are being mentioned.

but in the future, you will get a detailed post about all the famous temples of Bettiah on this page.

We are giving you the names of some of the identified temples of Bettiah. which will be updated from time to time

Bettiah Temples List

  • Shiv Mandir (illamram Chowk, Bettiah,)
  • Arya Samaj Mandir (Shastri Nagar, Bettiah)
  • Durga Mandir Harivatika Chowk (hariwatika chowk Saraswati Nagar, Saraswati Nagar, Banuchapar, Bettiah)
  • Hazari Tola Mandir (Hazari Tola Colony, Banuchhap, Bettiah)
  • Durga Mandir (shri durga mandir road, Chanpatia)
  • Churiya Mata Temple (Sewaghat – Mainatand Rd, Banuchhap, Bettiah)
  • Santoshi Mata Mandir (Gulab Baag, Bettiah)
  • Shanti Maii Mandir (Karghaiyaa west of sant ghat)
  • Durga Mandir (St Kabir Rd, Mahendra Colony, Banuchhap, Bettiah)
  • Kishun Bagh Mandir (Kishun Colony, Banuchhap, Bettiah)
  • Shiv Mandir (Hathikhana, Bettiah)
  • Shiv Mandir Banuchhapar (Banuchapar, Banu Chhapra)
  • Durga Puja Mandap (Kotwali Chowk, Bettiah)
  • Ganesh Mandir (Kamlanath Nagar, Railway Station Rd, Bettiah)
  • Shyam Baba Mandir (Lal Bazar Rd, Bel Bag Bengali Colony, Bettiah)
  • Devi Sthan (Hazma Tola, Banu Chhapra)
  • Brahma Sthan (Sant Ghat To Naya Tola Rd, Bettiah)
  • Shankar Kala Mandir (Naya Bazar Chowk, Shastri Nagar, Bettiah)
  • Gayatri Mandir (Lal Bazar, Bettiah)
  • Raj Durga Mandap (Rajdeori, Lal Bazar, Bettiah)
  • Hanuman Mandir (Banuchapar, Tola Mansaraut)
  • Ganesha Temple (Lal Bazar Rd, Bettiah Raj Compound, Lal Bazar, Bettiah)
  • New Shiv Mandir (Kali Bagh Colony, Bettiah)
  • Hanuman Mandir (Chawani, Bettiah)
  • Santawandas Matth (Badka Ramna Rd, Bettiah)
  • Bajrang Bali Temple Bulaki Singh Chowk Bettiah (Naya Bazar Chowk, Kali Bagh Colony, Bettiah)
  • Shiv Temple (Hospital Rd, Bettiah)
  • Shiva Mandir (Barwat Sena, Bettiah)

as you all know, there are dozens of temples in the Bettiah city. cause of which Apna Bettiah is also called the 2nd city of temples.

if you found any missing Bettiah Temples names in this post.

please mention all missed temple’s names in the comment box. so that we can update all those missed Bettiah Temples names in this post – thank you

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