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we are representing Articles that are mostly related to Bettiah city. Along with that news, We are also publishing every kind of post like History, Important Alerts, Latest News, Local Issues, Live events, etc.


The main target of this website is to provide every piece of information & news related to Bettiah & Champaran to you & we believe that this website would be the easiest way to connect people because most of us go to other states/cities/countries incase of earnings, study for a change. But they are unaware of Bettiah Update, so we are trying our best to provide you the necessary information.

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We are also providing advertisements by which u can post your ad to our website. Charges will be applied by plans. Payment may be changed as the size of the ad, running periods, and the location on our website.

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we are leading as the highest social community members from Bettiah or west Champaran and all are genuine & organic.

all around we are connected with 1.8lcs peoples from bettiah/champaran


the first thing we would like to tell u that One of our Admins, Md Ali who thought to make a Facebook page about our city. It came in Md Ali’s mind when he went to Noor Mahal, Punjab after his 10th exams and he was missing his hometown and he did not find any good guide portal or any latest information/a single pic about Bettiah.

So he thought to connect all the people of Bettiah at a single page so he created the Apna Bettiah page on 02 Aug 2012.

Our Team

We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers, and creators. We’re a team that transforms ideas into great experiences. It’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work & we’re a team of 3 members.

  • Md. Ali
  • Rajat Kumar
  • Syed Atif Hussain

Fun Fact:

In today’s time, you see all the best pictures or videos of social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or in newspapers, tv news, Google images, etc., in connection with the city of Bettiah or West Champaran. Most of those photos or videos are shared by Apna Bettiah.

you can also say that we have shown the beauty of the Bettiah city.