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Indian Nursery Bettiah: Indian Nursery stands for superiority, maintainability, and outstanding supervision performances with regards to A-Z in horticultural arrangements and activities.

Indian Nursery’s main objective is to provide you a beautiful garden and home which you see in your deserve at your budget.

Nursery plants bring life into all interiors; can be it your home or office.

indian nursery

Nursery Plants are the most important part to make the air clean so that we can breathe and provide peace and calm in our often busy lives.

These Nursery plants require regular continuation to keep them fresh and healthy.

Indian Nursery Bettiah – Overview

Indian Nursery is a leading & established plant nursery in Bettiah; it has been in this business since 1989, providing great nursery plants such as fruit plants, flowers plants,

indian nursery bettiah

wood plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, cactus verities, palm verities, landscaping, lawn care services, etc to its customers.

All these plants and plantation services are acknowledged for: Evergreen plant life Various figures and sizes Ornamental looks Environment friendly These huge verities

of nursery plants are well appropriate for various farming and related industries occupied in the various manufacturing processes.

Indian Nursery Bettiah also deals in garden accessories like ceramic and potting mixes, plastic pots, garden tools, fertilizers, etc.;

making our Nursery Center a ‘one stop shop’ for all plant devotees. You can contact us at any time to make your dream Garden.

Indian Nursery Bettiah Highlights

AddressKishun Bagh, Chowk, near GM College. Bettiah
FounderLt. Md Alamgeer Sahab
Mobile No7991179283
Licence No22

Indian Nursery Has All Types Of Licences, Such As Paper Governments All formalities, Registration, And With This It Has Been Certified By The National Horticulture Board.

Indian Nursery, Bettiah Has Been Spread All Over In Bihar For Fruits Plants, Woods Plants, Indoor Plants, Flowers Plants, etc..

Indian Nursery! Established

A Plant Lover’s Paradise! Established In Of March 1989. Indian Nursery Have Since Been Inspiring The People Of Bettiah, BIHAR Into Embracing The Wonders Of Nature Into Their Lives By Catering To All Their Needs.

indian nursery champaran

We Boast Of Our Beautiful Retail Nursery In The Prominent Location – Kishun Bagh Chowk, Bettiah, ( W . Champaran ), Bihar. What Sets Us Apart From Other Nurseries Is

Our Exceptional Range Of Quality Indoor And Outdoor Plants And Our Specialized Garden Services Provided To You By Our Well Trained Knowledgeable Staff.

Some Product List Of Indian Nursery Bettiah

At INDIAN NURSERY We Consider The Environment Our Priority And Through Our Work Hope To Make People Embrace The Wonders That Nature Provides In A

Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Way, By Providing Our Customers With In Array Of Specialized Garden Services And Personalized Advice Indian Nursery Try

And Make People Aware Of The Satisfaction And Pleasure Derived From Cultivating Healthy Plants.

Indian Nursery Guarantee Good Results Over Time By Suggesting The Most Suitable Plants For Each Individual Environment.

Indian Nursery Bettiah Also Provide Garden Tools And Accessories Like Plastic And Ceramic Pots, Rocks And Pebbles, Soil, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Pesticides, Flower Seed.

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